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What is Commissioning?

Commissioning is a quality-focused, technical platform for verifying and documenting that a building’s systems and assemblies are installed and perform as required, and that they can be operated and maintained effectively.


B+W’s commissioning services employ a technical approach, and not just a report process. This technical approach does not require installing contractors to perform any of the information gathering and reporting found in many other commissioning processes. The only efforts required from the contractors are to operate their purchased/installed equipment and perform the start-ups as required per the project specifications.

Retro-Commissioning Platform

Many approaches can be taken to deliver a successful retro-commissioning project. Retro-commissioning can be initiated for comfort and operational improvement, improvement in indoor air quality, energy reduction or for all three. Retro-commissioning can be a direct consulting service, which provides discovery and recommendations with no repair, or a turnkey service which includes remedial repair and a scope of work for any capital improvement projects. Retro-commissioning services are typically procured directly by the owner or owner’s representative.


Commissioning new buildings and retro-commissioning existing ones results in energy savings and lower operating costs.


Owners derive immediate and long-term maintenance, cost and performance-based value through the commissioning of any in-progress or completed project, especially those with complex integrated systems and fast track schedules.